Lost or Damaged Materials

Library users are responsible for the proper care of library materials checked out on their cards. Any damage to library items should be reported by the user when items are returned.  Standard fees for damages will be charged and may be increased when warranted. Full replacement charges will be assessed for any items damaged beyond use.

Library users will be charged standard replacement prices for library items that are lost or damaged beyond repair. At the customer’s request, a lower replacement price may be honored or a customer may replace the lost item with an exact edition copy of the lost item. Staff will make a reasonable effort to check reputable sources for lower prices. A $5 processing fee will be charged to the customer for each item in all cases.

Payments will be refunded up to one year after the item is paid for if the item is returned to the library by the borrower, or is located by the library.

Billing practices of other libraries that loan items to Oshkosh Public Library customers may vary.