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"Double D" Biography

Driven by Donald Driver
Just finished an upcoming book on Wisconsin's beloved Donald Driver.  In "Driven: From homeless to hero, my journeys on and off Lambeau Field," Donald provides a look at his early life before his Packer career.  Wonderful story of perseverance and not letting his past stop him from his dreams.  He talks about his double life as a teenager - student during the day, selling crack and stealing cars at night.  Many father figures enter and left his life like a revolving door.  Football was something he loved and excelled at.  It was his ticket to his dreams.  As he acheived stardom on the field, he never forgot about family and the many fans he met.  After several years with the Packers, charity work became his focus to give back to those fans.  I've met Double D and he is a great role model for youth.  He also appreciates what he has now and doesn't take anything for granted.  Now he share his story with his many fans.

The Silver Star

The Silver Star by Jeannette Walls

Readers who liked Jeannette Walls' gripping memoir, "The Glass Castle," will want to read her new novel, "The Silver Star," that deals with the effects of a mentally ill parent on a child.  Bean Hollady is twelve, and her sister Liz is three years older.  It's 1970 in small town California, and their mother, a misunderstood singer-songwriter, has taken off to "find herself."  With money running low, and the child welfare authorities at their door, the sisters take a bus to Virginia, to vist an uncle they haven't seen in years.

Beach Read

Time Flies by Claire Cook

Looking for a light and breezy beach read for the end of summer?  Claire Cook's "Time Flies" takes the reader on a road trip on Cape Cod with Melanie and her best friend B.J.   Melanie's husband Kurt has left her for a woman named Crissy, and she lets B.J. talk her into attending their high school reunion.  It's been..umm..decades since they graduated.  The reunion plans, which include a week at a classmate's beach cottage, don't quite turn out to be what Melanie signed up for.  Cook is the author of "Must Love Dogs."

James Bond Thriller

In "Carte Blanche," a James Bond thriller from Jeffery Deaver, the author has transported the super spy into the twentieth century.  This Bond is a veteran of Afghanistan and is working for a super secret agency.  There are still beautiful woman with unlikely names (Felicity Willing) and fast cars (a Bentley Continental GT coupe).  There are still bad guys and detailed instructions to bartenders on how to contruct a drink.  But hey, it's not the fifties anymore.  See if you like this new Bond better.

Food Mystery

Murder for Halibut by Liz Lipperman

"Murder for the Halibut" has got to be one of the best mystery titles ever.  In Liz Lipperman's third book in the "Clueless Cook" series, Jordan McAllister, food columnist, sails on a cruise where she will judge a celebrity cook-off.  The problem?  Jordan hates to cook, and gourmet food makes her gag.  On the first night at sea, one of the chefs dies after sampling his dish.  Was it a simple case of a food allergy or was he murdered?
Readers who enjoy Joanne Fluke's mysteries will want to read this series.

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