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Archie Meets Nero Wolfe

Fans of Rex Stout’s Nero Wolfe series will enjoy Robert Goldsborough’s new book, “Archie Meets Nero Wolfe,” Goldsborough, author of seven Nero Wolfe mysteries, captures the sights and sounds of Prohibition-era New York.

In this prequel, Archie Goodwin arrives in the big city fresh from small town Ohio with his high school diploma in hand. When he’s fired from his job as a security guard after two weeks, he gets work with a private detective. In the course of a kidnapping investigation, Archie meets the famous detective Nero Wolfe, who eventually offers him a job. Readers who can’t get enough of Nero Wolfe and his wise-cracking assistant will be happy their wait is over.

Buried in Buttercream

Buried in ButtercreamIs Mother Nature out to get sleuth Savannah Reid and her fiance Dirk? Their wedding was first postponed by a mudslide, then a brushfire. Is the third time the charm? Not for Savannah, who finds their wedding planner murdered before wedding attempt number three. “Buried in Buttercream,” by G.A. McKevett, is book seventeen in this series about plus-size private investigator Savannah and her large dysfunctional family.

The Llama of Death

In Betty Webb’s new mystery, “The Llama of Death,” zookeeper Teddy Bentley discovers a dead body inside the llama pen, but surely sweet Alejandro couldn’t have stomped the man to death. When the acting sheriff jails Teddy’s socialite mother for the murder, she investigates. Animal lovers will enjoy the behind-the-scenes action in this zoo-based who-done-it. The third in the series, which starts with “Anteater of Death.”

At the Duke's Pleasure

At the Duke's PleasureReader Alicia recommends “At the Duke’s Pleasure” by Tracy Anne Warren. She writes, “This book was such an entertaining book that I found myself continuously laughing at the antics of the characters. I loved how she was always trying to find ways to get the Duke to break off their engagement.”

Alicia sent in this review for Fishing for a Good book adult winter reading program. Read three books, get one free. The program runs through February 24.


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