Too busy to browse?

Try a book bundle

Our newest service is for the reader who doesn't have time to browse.Tell us what you like and our staff will select up to ten books just for you!


Too busy to browse?
Tell us what you like to read and our expert staff will select up to ten books (fiction and/or non-fiction) for you based on your preferences. You’ll receive a holds notification when items are ready to be picked up. No appointment is needed. Use the service as often as you'd like!

Book Bundles for Young Readers
If you'd like help finding books and other materials based on your child's interests, we'd love to create a book bundle that's personalized for you! Details here.

YA Book Bundles
Try our book bundle service for Young Adult books. Our library staff will select a customized stack of books that match your interests within the Young Adult genre. Details here.