Library Board Meeting ~ April 28, 2016

Oshkosh Public Library Board of Trustees
Agenda – April 28, 2016
Library Lower Level Meeting Room, 106 Washington Avenue


AGENDA                                                                                                                                       ACTION                                              PAGE

Call to Order:  4:00 p.m.

Public Comments

Consent Agenda:                                                                                                                            YES                                                    83-89
      1.  Minutes of the Regular Meeting of March 31, 2016
      2.  Regular Vouchers Payable  $216,672.80
      3.  Special Fund Vouchers Payable  $5,131.23
      4.  2017 – 2021 Capital Improvement Plan – With board approval, these projects
           will be submitted to the city for inclusion in its capital project planning.
      5.  2017 Reimbursement for cross-county rural use -- Director’s recommendation
           for billing adjacent counties included.
      6.  2017 Hicks Fund Allocation to the Oshkosh Area School District –
           I recommend allocating ½ of 1 percent of the Hicks Fund’s three-year average
           year-end balance ($181,123.83) to OASD for purchase of school library materials.
           If approved, the 2017 allocation would be $905.62.

New Business
       7.  Carryover funds – Designation of Use – Consider the Director’s recommended               YES                                                   90-91
            allocation of surplus funds carried into 2016 from past years.

Informational Items                                                                                                                           NO                                                    92-99
        8.  Revenues
        9.  Expenditures
      10.  Library Highlights
      11.   Monthly Statistics
      12.   Donations
      13.   Personnel Changes

Library Director's Report                                                                                                                   NO
     14.   Board term expirations – current library board terms for
             Christine Melms-Simon and Deannie Minniear expire at the end of
             May, 2016. If you have not done so already, please communicate to me
             whether you wish your name to be put forward for re-appointment by the
             mayor and council.
     15.   Trustee seat vacancy

Trustee Reports and Comments                                                                                                        NO


Next Meeting Scheduled:  May 26, 2016 at 4:00 pm

The Board Officer Nominating Committee will meet immediately after the April 28, 2016 regular library board meeting to discuss candidates for the board officer election at the July, 2016 regular meeting.