What items may be borrowed on interlibrary loan?

  • Books not owned by the Oshkosh/Winnefox Library System and published more than 12 months ago. You can check publication dates on amazon.com.
  • Audio-visual materials such as DVDs, VHS, Music CDs, Audiocassettes, Audiobook CDs that are more than one year old can be requested. You can check publication/release dates on amazon.com.
  • Note: Some libraries do not loan any audio-visual items. These restrictions are placed by the loaning institution and are not negotiable.  Video games can't be borrowed.
  • Census records and newspapers on microfilm may be obtainable. It may take more than a month to receive these items due to high demand.
  • Articles and other items may be photocopied but must be in compliance with the US copyright regulations (Title 17 of the USC).