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LEGOmania Design Contest 2023

  1. All creations must use LEGO, DUPLO or MEGABLOCKS bricks.  
  2. No other materials (glue, paper, etc.) are permitted in the creation of your entry. LEGO figures can be included in your design.
  3. LEGO entries should be no bigger than 18 by 18 inches and no taller than two feet.
  4. Entries must be your own creation. No designs from LEGO, websites, books, etc. will be accepted.
  5. Team entries are permitted. Team entries will be judged in the category of the oldest participant.
  6. One entry per participant or team.
  7. 1st & 2nd place winners will be awarded in the following categories:
    1. 3-4 years old
    2. 5-6 years old
    3. 7-8 years old
    4. 9-10 years old
    5. 11-12 years old
    6. 13-17 years old
  8. Judges will also grant two Judges’ Choice awards for entries in the following categories:
    1. Electrifying Our Future - sponsored by Oshkosh Corporation
    2. Superhero Vehicles - sponsored by House of Heroes Comics and Games

Thank you to Oshkosh Corporation and House of Heroes for providing judges, prizes, and sponsoring the Judges' Choice awards!

8a.m. - 7 p.m. on Thurs., March 23

Winners announced on Fri., March 24 on Facebook and the library's website. You may come to view entries from 10a.m.-12 p.m. followed by a live announcment of winners at 12 p.m.