1. The daily fine rate is $.10 per day/per item for adult material and $.05 per day/per item for children's materials except:
    • Reference Material - $1.00 per day/ per item
    • Interlibrary Loan Material - $1.00 per item/ per day
    • eReaders - $1.00 per day
  2. The library will not charge fines for days when it is closed.
  3. The maximum fine is $5.00 per item for adult material except for reference and interlibrary loan material for which it is $10.00 per item. The maximum fine for children's material is $3.00 per item.
  4. Customers are allowed to check out material or use public internet stations until their total accumulated fines reach $5. At that point, fines must be paid down to less than $5 total before a customer can check out additional library items, use the library Internet computers or submit an interlibrary loan request.