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Author Neil Hansen

Author Neil Hansen (Flight: An Air America Pilot's Story of Adventure, Descent and Redemption) spent more than a decade in Southeast Asia as a captain for Air America, the CIA's airline that operated there during the Vietnam era and the Secret War in Laos. Neil reveled in the risky flying that fed his adrenaline addiction. Upon returning to the States, ultimately unable to find work, and unable to let go of the Air America exhilarating rush, he saw the profession he loved come to an end when his trajectory veered off course.

Exploring with a Pilgrim's Heart: Wisconsin's Shrines, Chapels, and Grottos

Join us under the Dome as author Michael Cooney speaks about his new book documenting 186 sacred sites, from internationally known shrines, ethnic roadside chapels, hunter shrines to backyard chapels located throughout Wisconsin. Part Religious Anthropology, part spiritual quest, Cooney explores the history and beauty of these physical manifestations of faith.  

(This is not a library-led event. The views and opinions expressed by the speakers are theirs alone.)


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