Internet & Wireless services

Internet service
The library has 23 computers with Internet access for the public to use. There are Internet stations located on all three floors of the library designated for the following use:

  • Stations in the lower level Children's Department are for children.
  • Stations in the teen area on first floor are for teens.
  • There are Internet stations for adults to use on the second floor.
  • There is an express (15 minutes) computer on the first floor and also a Family Computer Room for families with small children to use.
  • All Internet computers offer word processing.
  • Filtered Internet stations are available for customers of all ages.

    What you need to know:
  • You must have an up-to-date valid library card from any Winnefox library.
  • Log on using only your own library card.
  • Parents may restrict their child's use of the Internet. Bring the child's library card to the first floor Customer Service Desk to add or remove any restrictions.

Printing & Other Services

  • Black & white and color printing is available on all three floors. Price is $.10 per side for black & white; $.25 per side for color.
  • Wi-Fi printing is available. To print, connect to the library's Wi-Fi network and follow the Wi-Fi printing instructions for your particular device.
  • Files may only be downloaded to a flash drive or other storage device; files cannot be saved to the library's computers. Flash drives are available for purchase at customer service desks on all floors.
  • There are charging stations located on the library’s first and second floor where the public can charge a cell phone or tablet. The service is free and the station has charging cables for Apple and Android devices.

OPL staff reserves the right to suspend an individual's Internet access based on illegal activity or violation of the rules in the library's Internet Access Policy.

Wireless access

The library provides free open wireless Internet service throughout the building, in the parking lot (to the North of the library), and in William Waters Plaza (the park to the South of the library, across the street on Washington Avenue). Rules in the library's Internet Access Policy concerning acceptable use also apply to customers accessing Wi-Fi.